About us

Andaman Sea Kayak is a registered tour operator with the Tourism Authority of Thailand license No.34/00144. We have been running the Eco-tours and hold full public liability cover with the insurance company. Founded in 1991  made more than 500,000 tourists happy .

Andaman Sea Kayak is committed to provide our clients with the finest service in the unforgettable memories, breathtaking sights and maximum adventure. However, we never lose sight to our commitment to the preservation of our surrounding by providing an environment friendly experience.

Our staff are the local who really love our hometown . We got deep knowledge , understanding of the sea and ready to share you. When you finish trip ,you will love Phangnga Bay like we love.

At Andaman Sea Kayak we , 

Dear visitor, we appreciate that you choose Andaman Sea kayak to make this unique day trip, who surely is one of the biggest high lights during your stay on Phuket and Khaolak .

We believe what makes Andaman Sea Kayak the best choice in Phang-Nga Bay are the intimate group and complete personal service. All have been carefully selected for their environmental consciousness as well as for their comfort. Since1991, every year we do have our repeat guests who always invite their family and new friends to us.

  • Limit the number of tourists we take to Hongs
  • Use only fully educated guides, approved by The Tourism Authority of Thailand
  • Employ local people with deep knowledge and understanding of the sea.
  • Make sure to remind our guests of the golden rules of the nature’s vistor
  • Don’t touch anything
  • Don’t take anything
  • Don’t leave anything

Our Certificated

💦 Thailand Tourism Gold Award 2023
💦 Thailand Tourism Canoeing Standard 2023 by Department Of Tourism Thailand
💦 Tui Sustainable Supplier Diploma Certificated 2024
💦 Net Zero Project – Carbon Neutrality event by Thailand GreenHouse Gas Management Organization (TGO)
💦 TAT Star Awards 2023 ( Sustainable Tourism Acceleration rating )
💦 Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice 2023
💦 ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED
💦 Local expert operate since 1991

Our Training Course

Andaman Sea Kayak we completed training

💦 Travelife training on Tour operators and sustainability
💦 Travelife Sustainability Management training course for tour operators and travel agents.
💦 ISO 9001 – 2015 certified by Intertek (2022)
💦 CPR and First Aid Training by Phuket Provincial Public Health Office
💦 Fire Safety training by Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center
💦 Team Building project
💦 Food Handler by Department of Public Health and Environment Patong Municipality

Explore the experience of Phangnga Bay

Every activities is planed with regard to safety, environmental impact and plain great fun. All trips are personally escorted by local guide approved by Tourism Authority of Thailand and are accompanied at all time by our friendly staff. The unique beauty of this sea landscape, to nature and peaces all around. You can visit this fantastic Phang Nga Bay National Marine Park by boat to enjoy it.

” The only problem is that you will have to be happy only by seeing these bizarre island from the distance ” 

With Andaman Sea Kayak it becomes a lot more exciting you will have the opportunity to explore those island closer and may be this sound a bit strange, not only outside but inside also it is a matter a fact that some of them have the hidden lagoon and mangrove.

One can say that such an island is a circle of rock in to the sea surrounding the lagoon is connected to bay by several tunnels. Several minutes a day these tunnels are open depending on the sea tide. (the difference between ebb tide and hight water can be 2-3 meters).

Some tunnels (due the sea tide) so narrow and low that you have no possibility than to lay down completely to avoid the roof top. As in the cave you will see the magnificent stalactite, stalagmites and rock in different colors.  To enter in to the sea cave or tunnels it is almost as a dream and far behind the reality. You feel yourself pretty small.

You are driven into silence too, into the deep respect just like by entering and old cathedral. Your Kayak is slowly turning around 360 degrees and all around you see the wonders of nature scrape in blue sky.

Pieces of rock packed below with thousands of mussels and oysters caressed by the eternal tide. You do not observe only naked gray a seeing of brilliant greens.